Dream up any universe you can think of, then build it so your friends can experience it through live action role playing. Do you like Science Fiction? Westerns? Fantasy? Historical Intrigue, Modern Day Monsters? Victorian Steampunk? Film Noir Detective Stories? Some mix of all or none? Any genre can come to life with LARPS. Convert worlds you've made yourself, or turn your favorite existing worlds from books and movies into playable immersive games.

Tips and tricks reside within these pages on how to get people to play your games, where to run them, how to organize them, and how to write them. Plot ideas and maintaining player (and storyteller) satisfaction rub shoulders in these chapters. This book also has two bonus games that you can immediately play: a mystery to run as a single shot game, and a modern-day fantasy setting called Chrysalis that can be used for one game session or a long-term serial game.

Whatever you want to create, in any genre or time period, LARPs provides you the tools. Come play with us!